We are aware that the list of problems stated below is incomplete and that each developer experiences his or her own combination of these issues. Please contact us if you think we should refine these descriptions.

1 The App Store search algorithm currently puts paid apps at a disadvantage.
Premium titles are highly unlikely to come up in search results. Search the App Store for yourself to get an idea of what we mean. As a result of changes to the search algorithm (that began in mid-2012), it’s unlikely that you will ever find premium paid products (e.g. children’s books, recipes, board games, navigation, or a great app for golfers) when searching the App Store.

2 Launching new (even free) apps does not create real visibility anymore.
The App Store’s design originally gave every new title a short but crucial moment of visibility that gave every submission a fair chance to succeed. This is history – even free apps almost instantly disappear in the depths of the App Store, invisible to the search algorithm. Currently, a few days of a slightly higher priority for new apps in the search results amounts to almost nothing.

3 Developers are not treated equally.
App Store searches always benefit the same apps, usually titles that have either been around for a long time or are launched with massive market power. Although most users search to discover what is out there (unlike in a Google search), only a few developers of quality apps benefit.

4 Updating and improving apps leads to a huge disadvantage.
After an update, apps are displayed without reviews and new reviews need to be generated in each and every market. Enhancing existing apps through major updates is not rewarded. Even for apps that have hundreds of downloads per day, it takes weeks, sometimes months to reappear as “rated” in smaller markets. From a customer standpoint, this also makes it harder to find great, highly rated apps.