Apple’s App Store has recently lost its business case for most great iOS developers due to changes in its internal clockwork. The problems include the fact that paid apps have become almost invisible, that regular updates are penalized, and that new apps don’t get visibility or stand a fair chance against old titles.

75 developers have asked Apple to Please fix the App Store!
Now. This house is on fire.

Fellow developers include: Thorsten Rauser - the binary family, Frank Vercruesse, Matthias Schmitt, Herman Lintvelt, Colin Payne, Martin Finch, Kieran Wilkinson, Tobias Werner, iColorama, Mugunth Kumar, Massimiliano B., Cenk Ebret, Nico, Vijay, Klaas, Dario P., Daniele DB. -marzapower-, Junfeng Hu, Nicholas Hubbard, Zack Black - Z Sculpt Entertainment, Emir Samsuddin, Joe Rogan - Middleweight Games, Eltima Software, Evercode, Sunny Sharma, MediaAgility LLC, Lasar Liepins, Monica Peters - MoniGarr, Florian Friedrich, Stephen Brown - Game Radiator, Inc., Sour - Diwaniya Labs, Pushpin LLC, Three-type media, Kevin Brow - Consequence games, Mahendra, Justin from iCamera, ML, Adolfo Adorni, Emilio Astorino - TTWizard, Tractable Labs, David Román, Marin Todorov, AppVision, Guillermo - Taos Games, Lakshaya Chhabra, Carlos Fernandez-@Caferlop-Ikerlabs, Daniel Sanchez, Billy@iResona Technology Limited, Raffaele D\'Amato, e.w. parris, Emin Ilker Cetinbas, Brett Graham, William Grand, George McKibbin@, John Contarino, Christopher Schardt, Stanislav Vlaev, Paul Sagor, Sigthor Hrafnsson, Mike Smithwick-Distant Suns, Chris Morin, Clyde Pashley, Andrei Mirzoyan, The Beautiful Weather Corporation, Abdul Razzak Mohammed, Simon Salomons, FamerJoe, Haseeb Junaid, Tim Krüger, Felix Hofmann

Let’s not give up on the App Store economy that initially gave talented developers the chance to make a living by creating awesome iOS apps and made Apple stand apart from its competitors. Support the effort!